The 9th European Music Therapy Congress

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Inge Nygaard Pedersen, ans. nr. 108993, professor mso, SYMPOSIUM: Head of Symposium. The 9th European Music Therapy Congress. 7-11 August 2013. Symposium. Titel: Bridging research experiences with clinical practice in music therapy in psychiatry. Abstract: Cochrane reviews, RCT studies and other controlled studies have been carried out the last decade in music therapy in psychiatry. For those studies protocols for the experimental parts have been developed to ensure clinical fidelity. Researchers have been aware of the dichotomy between research rigour and therapeutic flexibility. A protocol structure based on this dichotomy has been applied in Bergen (2005) and replicated in Aalborg (2012). In Jyväskylä a specific set of instruments and one method (musical improvisation) have been the guidelines for their research in psychiatry. In the other two protocols more methods can be applied, but principles for the attitude and possibilities for the music therapists are given through the protocol. In 2007 a PhD was defended on the topic of examining to what degree, music therapists working in mental health institutions are specializing in developing methods for diagnosis and reduction of symptoms. There was no clear picture. On the basis of this information from research and practice, I would like at this symposium to discuss these questions: 1) Can we transfer experiences from application of protocols for the experimental part of research studies with positive results to general clinical practice within the same area/population in our own country/across countries? 2) Can we ensure that we meet the needs of the individual patient/client in psychiatry at the same time as we ensure clinical fidelity – if yes how? Form: Lectures from participants. Discussions among participants. Discussions among participants and audience. Speakers: Prof. Dr. Inge Nygaard Pedersen (Head of symposium). Aalborg University. DK Ass. Prof. Dr. Randi Rolvsjord. GAMYT. University of Bergen. N. (Prof. Dr. Karin Mössler. GAMUT. University of Bergen. N) Prof. Dr. Jakkoop Erkklilä. University of Jyväskylä. SF Prof. Dr. Helen Odell-Miller. Anglia –Ruskin University. Cambridge. UK. Prof. Dr. Susanne Metzner. University of Magdeburg. G. BFI: Oplægget bygger på artikel under udgivelse i Nordic Journal of music therapy. November. 2013. Ny artikel til samme tidsskrift forventes efterfølgende at blive indgivet. Pedersen, I.N. (2013) Music therapy in psychiatry today – do we need speciaaliazation in the reduction of diagnosis-specific symptoms or on the overall development of resources? or do we need both? Nordic Journal of Music Therapy. Vol. 3. 2013. (Under edition).
Periode10 aug. 2013
PlaceringOslo, Norge


  • Bridging research and clinical practice