The Impact Agenda for Social Sciences & Humanities 2018

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In recent years, ways of better demonstrating the societal impact of research have been developed, for example by the 2014 REF assessment in the UK. In the same year the Leiden Statement stressed the importance of the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) as academic disciplines. These developments motivated the AESIS Network in 2017 to organize the first international conference on Societal Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities, and the signing of a Cardiff Statement on optimising this impact. Continuation of the event was decided on for the following purposes: to restate and champion the fundamental role that the social sciences and humanities play in society, and to call for an expanded role for the social sciences and humanities in tackling problems through interdisciplinary research.

The conference will take place in Copenhagen and will bring together the SSH research community in order to promote an international and collaborative approach to developing and engaging ways to optimise the societal impact of that research. In Denmark organisations such as ReD Associates and Humanomics aim to find new innovative ways to create and stimulate alliances between businesses and social sciences and humanities. Therefore this provides an excellent context to foster the worldwide debates on optimisingimpact through interactions between science and business, as well as with government and civil society as a whole.
Periode4 okt. 20185 okt. 2018
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  • humaniora
  • social science
  • impact
  • interdisciplinarity