Time characteristics of distortion product otoacoustic emissions recovery function after moderate sound exposure

Ordoñez, R. P. (Foredragsholder)

    Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragForedrag og præsentationer i privat eller offentlig virksomhed


    Exposure to sound of moderate level temporarily attenuates the amplitude of distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs). These changes are similar to the changes observed in absolute hearing thresholds after similar sound exposures. To be able to assess changes over time across a broad frequency range, a detailed model of the recovery time characteristics is necessary. In the present study, the methodological aspects needed in order to monitor changes in DPOAEs from human subjects measured with high time resolution are presented. The issues treated are (1) time resolution of the measurements, (2) number of frequency points required, and (3) effects in fine structures, are they affected with the exposure? [Work supported by the Danish Research Council for Technology and Production.]

    Periode1 dec. 2006
    Begivenhedstitel152nd meeting of the Acoustical Society of America
    PlaceringHonolulu, Hawaii, USA