Tunde Varga-Atkins

Kolbæk, D. (Vært)

Aktivitet: Værtskab for gæsteforskerVærtskab for gæsteforsker


ERASMUS Mobility program
Overall objectives of the mobility (for Tünde):  To learn about an organisational knowledge management process, the ‘Proactive Review’, and its applicability to strategic HE projects;  To learn about ‘design-based research’ as a research methodology;  Knowledge transfer from combination of university and business context: knowledge/methodology derived from a leading international company and how it could be applied in a university context;  To take part in a training opportunity in online leadership and collaboration as part of the MIL programme;  To share my research in technology-enhanced learning with international colleagues;  To network with and establish potential collaborators for my doctoral study on knowledge management, networking, CPD and enterprise systems.
Periode24 jan. 2017 - 28 jan. 2017
På besøg fraUniversity of Liverpool (Storbritannien)
BesøgsgradPhD studerende
Grad af anerkendelseInternational