Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found its way into aesthetic practices within the realms of visual studies and education. We would be delighted to share our experiences and thoughts on how generative art is reshaping notions of aesthetics as a practice for meaning making. Additionally, we would like to discuss how platforms such as Midjourney and Dall-E-2 are expanding the possibilities for everyone to harness AI in aesthetic practices.

The primary objective of the conference is to foster an exploration of AI within visual studies and education, especially considering the recent technical evolvement, through a curious and critical lens. Our aim is to provide a platform for vibrant discussions and knowledge exchange among professionals and researchers who share a mutual interest in uncovering the potential of visual practices in the realm of knowledge generation.
Periode10 nov. 2023
PlaceringCopenhagen, DanmarkVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • AI
  • artificial intelligence
  • ARTificial
  • aesthetic learning
  • Visual arts Education
  • visual studies
  • visual studies and learning design