Virtual Interactive Space

Brooks, A. L. (Foredragsholder)

    Aktivitet: Foredrag og mundtlige bidragForedrag og præsentationer i privat eller offentlig virksomhed



    Artist and musician Tony Brooks will present his work on virtual interactive spaces.Soundscapes is the ongoing research by Tony Brooks, Associate Professor in Medialogy in the Computer Science Department at Aalborg University Esbjerg (Esbjerg Institute of Technology). It is a concept and methodology in which sensors and cameras are used to create a 3D Virtual Interactive Space (VIS) in which participants can move, gesture and have control over multimedia feedback. Play; motivation; immersion; tailored; presence; and freedom are keywords to the design of this "human at centre" evolving body of work. The target groups are special needs individuals and groups, disabled, those in (re)habilitation and elderly. The concept is also used in entertainment.

    Emneord: Human-centred 3D Virtual Interactive Space (VIS), Play, Motivation, Immersion, Presence
    Periode19 apr. 2004
    PlaceringXerox European Headquarters, Grenoble, France, Frankrig