What can GIM therapists learn from hypnotherapists about directive and suggestive interventions?

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Guiding a GIM-session, GIM therapists primarily use non-directive interventions. However, when guiding the induction, or when the traveller has positive experiences, it is common to use more directive interventions (“Get in contact with your breathing”, “Allow yourself to give as much space as you need for these good feelings…”). In variations of GIM i.e., with children (music travels, Sanfi et al. 2021) or in MI-groups, there might be more directive interventions than in traditional BMGIM. These directive interventions have similarities with the suggestive interventions used in hypnotherapy. Furthermore, the altered state of consciousness in GIM share features with hypnosis.
To explore this theme, we (the authors) carried out a phenomenological study based on lived-experience descriptions and dialogues. Each one of us have tried one session of hypnosis with the common theme “work stress”. Moreover, the three hypnotherapists used for this, were given a GIM-session. Three dialogues followed the sessions (one dialogue between each pair of hypnotherapist and GIM therapist), to explore differences and similarities between the two forms of treatment approaches. These dialogues were recorded, listened to, and analysed qualitatively by the authors. In this paper we present our results and exemplify our experiences, and we discuss what GIM-therapists can learn from hypnotherapists.
Periode23 sep. 2022
Begivenhedstitel3rd EAMI Conference: The Power of Music – moving towards the core of GIM. European Association for Music and Imagery
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