What drives interdisciplinary excellence?

Pedersen, D. B. (Arrangør)

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i faglig begivenhedOrganisering af eller deltagelse i konference


The quest for scientific excellence has become a global driver for universities and research institutions. In virtually every country, governments, citizens and industry look towards science to find solutions to the so-called grand challenges of our time such as climate change, food security and sustainable resources. None of these solutions will be delivered without a comprehensive interdisciplinary effort and pioneering research across the different scientific disciplines. Nevertheless, many questions remain unresolved. What is the right balance between disciplinary capacity-building and interdisciplinary collaboration? How should talent and recruitment strategies be designed in order to reach the optimum interdisciplinary excellence? What are the challenges for interdisciplinary peer review and funding in an academic world based on disciplinary performance indicators? By exploring some of the most promising strategies that the European Union, Canada, Denmark and UK have adopted to promote interdisciplinary excellence and top-quality research, we will reflect upon past, present and future drivers of interdisciplinary research, and set the agenda for academic leadership in the future. SPEAKERS Thomas Bjørnholm, University of Copenhagen, Denmark Luke Georghiou, University of Manchester, UK Wilhelm Krull, Volkswagen Foundation, Germany Suzanne Fortier, McGill University, Canada Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, European Research Council David Budtz Pedersen, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark (moderator)
Periode26 jun. 2016