"Who is the student in our classroom? Understanding young adults in university studies"

Smed, K. M. (Andet)

    Aktivitet: Andet


    As university educators, we have a tendency to privilege a view of the students that focuses on their capacity to acquire subject matter knowledge. Sometimes this view is insufficient for understanding why some of the young people we meet act in ways that are unexpected. Drawing on a diversity of research on youth and young people’s meeting with education, the workshop is intended to make participants aware of the many tendencies which constitute the youth’s ways of acting and knowing, and how that can be of relevance to improve our possibilities of helping them to achieve as many competences as possible during the university studies.
    The workshop involves a mixture of presentations and discussion
    Periode11 apr. 2011
    Sted for afholdelseProfessor Paola Valero, Department of Learning and Philosophy, Danmark