For that purpose, the consortium has tapped a specialist in technology acceptance studies from Denmark’s Aalborg University, associate professor Thomas Bjørner.

“The purpose of our study is twofold,” Bjørner said in a release issued by Denmark’s Chromaviso, the company providing the lighting system. “On the one hand, we look at the wellbeing of the employees and whether light intervention improves their quality of life. On the other hand, we examine technology acceptance, user involvement, and the usability of the new innovative technology.” 

Bjørner’s background includes technology acceptance studies in television and other media. He has also examined both gaming and virtual reality as learning tools. 

“We need to listen much more to what users have to say along the way, so that we can better understand how users comprehend the system and use it,” he said. He emphasized the importance of training the staff in how to operate the lighting. It should help that staff members provided input on the system’s interface during development.

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