Dağarcık Türkiye Bilim Teknik (Dağarcık Türkiye Science and Technic)



Dağarcık Türkiye is a web-based monthly politics and culture magazine that covers a wide spectrum of topics including, economy, politics, philosophy, ecology, science and technology. The magazine manifests to publish that is built on knowledge and is written with plain Turkish.

Dağarcık Türkiye Science and Technic articles include four types of articles listed below: 

a) Original articles: Articles nare written directly for informative purposes, easy to read, containing reading suggestions for the curious readers and preferably considering the newcomers to the relevant subject.
b) Popular science news translation: Translation of the content from popular science websites published in English or other languages, which is suitable for the personal or academic background of the translator. Articles will be translated into Turkish in a simple, understandable but compatible language with the scientific literature in Turkish.
c) Original articles are written based on various texts: Based on popular science articles and scientific articles, compilation articles will be written in which the relevant parts of the source texts will be translated when necessary.
d) Conversations and Interviews: Interviews with experts in the field can be made and published directly, or interview articles can be written based on an interview.



Smart Factories Popular Science Series are intended to publish a series of articles in Turkish introducing Smart Factories concept in the context of Industry 4.0 paradigm and related empirical and theoretical discussions in popular language to enhance public awareness of such concept and technologies.

Periode1 mar. 2020 → 1 jul. 2020