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DETECt, Bolonya Üniversitesi önderliğinde hayata geçirilmiş ve çalışma - larını Avrupa mekânı ve Avrupa’daki suç anlatıları üzerine yoğunlaştır an Avrupa Birliği destekli bir proje. Özellikle İ skandinav polisiye anlatılar üzerine yoğunlaştırdığı çalışmalarıyla Aalborg Üniversitesi’nde doçent doktor olarak görev yapan ve DETECt kapsamında proje liderlerinden bir i olan Kim Toft Hansen ile bu önemli araştırma projesini konuştuk.


DETECt is a three-year Horizon 2020 research project running until 2021. The complete title of the project is “Detecting Transcultural Identity in Popular European Crime Narratives”. Essentially, the project deals with the notion of Europe seen through the lenses of crime narratives in literature, film and television.

The project idea originates from Bologna University, which is the principal investigator in the project, but it also builds heavily on several prior research projects around Europe that have dealt with issues related to the popularity of crime narratives. Aalborg University, where I’m seated, is one out of 18 partners in the research consortium, which includes several European universities and a number of external partners such as libraries and broadcasters.

The overall intention is to understand how Europe is perceived in four communicative stages, i.e. production, representation, distribution and reception. I am the project leader of a subproject on “Creative Industries” that deals with producing crime narratives for local and international audiences. This activity is also based my earlier research into crime narratives, which has included a project on locations, places and urban/rural issues in Nordic television crime stories.

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