Worldwide web still has holes that need filling in

  • Mammo Muchie



    Review on "Bridging the Digital Divide" edited by Angathevar Baskaran and Mammo Muchie, Adonis & Abbey, 256pp, ISBN 1 905068 15 8. "It is said that a well-known courier company today guarantees delivery to all parts of the wordl except Baghdad and Canning Town in East London. My institution now prefers, as more reliable, the electronic transmission of documents to and from external collaborators around the world, including parts of the world one would not untill very recently have associated with a high penetration of technology. When I have problems with my internet service provider or my computer, I talk to someone at a call center in India. What links these phenomena is the bridging of the digital divide - the subject of the study reported in this collection of papers originally presented at a conference i 2004." (Tony Valsamidis, The Times Higher, October 6, 2006).
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    • TitelWorldwide web still has holes that need filling in
      Mediets navn/udløbThe Times Higher
      Producer/forfatterTony Valsamidis, senior lecturer in information systems and multimedia, Greenwich University
      PersonerMammo Muchie