Rain, Snow, and Bad Weather in Traffic Surveillance

Computed vision-based image analysis lays the foundation for automatic traffic surveillance. This works well in daylight when the road users are clearly visible to the camera but often struggles when the visibility of the scene is impaired by insufficient lighting or bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, haze, and fog.

In this dataset, we have focused on collecting traffic surveillance video in rainfall and snowfall, capturing 22 five-minute videos from seven different traffic intersections. The illumination of the scenes vary from broad daylight to twilight and night. The scenes feature glare from headlights of cars, reflections from puddles, and blur from raindrops at the camera lens.

We have collected the data using a conventional RGB colour camera and a thermal infrared camera. If combined, these modalities should enable robust detection and classification of road users even under challenging weather conditions.

100 frames have been selected randomly from each five-minute sequence and any road user in these frames is annotated on a per-pixel, instance-level with corresponding category label. In total, 2,200 frames are annotated, containing 13,297 objects.
Dato for tilgængelighed1 jan. 2018
Dato for datafremstilling2018