Additional file 2 of High genetic diversity in Campylobacter concisus isolates from patients with microscopic colitis



Additional file 2: Figure S1. Circular tree based on k-mer distance estimation revealed two distinct clusters: cluster 1 and cluster 2. Cluster 2 isolates further differentiated into three subgroups. Cluster 1 (from AAUH_7CCFec@ to AAUH_12CDo) contained 52 GS1 isolates and the reference genome ATCC 33237. Cluster 2 subgroup 1 (from AAUH_44sig@ to AAUH_20HCsig@) contained 14 GS2 isolates and the reference genome 13826. Cluster 2 subgroup 2 (from AAUH_31CCRec1@ to AAUH_40UCf) contained 50 GS2 isolates. Cluster 2 subgroup 3 (from AAUH_27CCSigP3@ to AAUH_16UCdp5) contained 64 GS2 isolates. Branches indicate origin of the isolates: MC (blue) and isolates from Kirk et al. [18] and the reference genomes (yellow).
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