Additional file 4: of Wolf outside, dog inside? The genomic make-up of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

  • Ettore Randi (University of Bologna) (Ophavsperson)
  • Ihor Dykyy (Ophavsperson)
  • Elena Fabbri (Ophavsperson)
  • Alessio Camatta (Ophavsperson)
  • Barbora Černá Bolfíková (Ophavsperson)
  • Romolo Caniglia (Ophavsperson)
  • Marco Galaverni (Ophavsperson)
  • Milena Jind?ichov? (Ophavsperson)
  • Astrid Vik Strønen (Ophavsperson)
  • Paolo Carnier (Ophavsperson)
  • Pavel Hulva (Ophavsperson)

Data set


Figure S4. Comparison between the individual frequency of ROHs (FROH), calculated in SVS as the proportion of ROHs on the genome length spanned by the analysed SNPs (on the horizontal axis), and the individual Wright’s inbreeding coefficient (COI), estimated from the pedigrees with the software U-WGI (on the vertical axis). The two inbreeding indexes are significantly (p < 0.01) correlated. (PDF 71 kb)
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