Additional file 8: of Alcohol consumption and its interaction with adiposity-associated genetic variants in relation to subsequent changes in waist circumference and body weight

  • Allan Linneberg (Ophavsperson)
  • U Toft (Ophavsperson)
  • Janne S. Tolstrup (Ophavsperson)
  • Thorkild I. A. Sørensen (Ophavsperson)
  • Torben Abildgaard Hansen (Ophavsperson)
  • Oluf Pedersen (Ophavsperson)
  • Lise Lotte Nystrup Husemoen (Ophavsperson)
  • Kim Overvad (Aarhus University) (Ophavsperson)
  • Lars Ängquist (Ophavsperson)
  • Jeanett F Rohde (Ophavsperson)
  • Jytte Halkjaer (Ophavsperson)
  • Sofus C Larsen (Ophavsperson)
  • B L Heitmann (Ophavsperson)
  • Anne Tjønneland (Ophavsperson)

Data set


SNP score × alcohol interactions in relation to annual change in BW, WC and WCBMI. (DOCX 15 kb)
Dato for tilgængelighed1 jan. 2017