MaxQuant output files (txt folder) from quantitative bottom-up proteomics analysis of two pilot-scale hot-water extracts from E. denticulatum, described in the manuscript "Proteomic characterization of pilot scale hot-water extracts from the industrial carrageenan red seaweed Eucheuma denticulatum" Extract A is labelled "A-013-05e" and Extract B "A-022-05e". Data is organized as exploratory phase (unspecific analysis with 1%, 5%, and 10% FDR as well as semi-specific analysis with 1% and 5% FDR) and as final phase (for tryptic and semi-specific analysis with optimized search parameters). Raw MS data are available upon request. Repository also contains the reference protein database (in .fasta format) as well as qRNAseq data.
Dato for tilgængelighed10 okt. 2021
ForlagMendeley Data