Geometric measurement of the surface of a v-bend during multi-scan laser forming



The data describes the measurement of a v-bend shape formed during multi-scan laser forming.

The purpose of the measurements was to determine the dynamic response during laser forming of a v-bend.

A measurement scanner was used to measure the height of a line perpendicular to the heating scan line of a laser during laser forming. In order to estimate a surface, 105 samples were made with identical settings with the measurement scanner moved along the heating scan line between samples.

A total of 21 positions along the heating scan line were measured. Each position was measured using 5 samples. Due to a memory problem, the measurement scanner could only measure about 3.12 seconds at a time. The measurement scanner is started slightly before each heating scan line starts. Furthermore, each heating scan line is split into its own text file in the data set.
Dato for tilgængelighed14 aug. 2019
ForlagMendeley Data
Dato for datafremstilling2018 - aug. 2019