GGG-PositioningSfMScale: Dataset for Testing Scaling and Uncertainty Propagation Through Camera Positioning Data



The proposed dataset can be used to test the precision of scaling SfM reconstructed objects using camera positioning data. In addition position uncertainty data from a DJI GPS RTK in X,Y and Z is added, so the propagation of uncertainty from the positioning sensor to the calculated scale can be calculated. The camera positions are also given with any uncertainty, so other types of position uncertainty can be used to test how the system will react with different uncertainty inputs. Images from two objects are given - an angel statue and a wind turbine blade. Images are taken in a semi-circle pattern around the object and a total of 19 images are taken from each object. The positions of the images are given in a separate file, while all the images contain EXIF data with the used camera parameters. All images are captured using Canon 5Ds DSLR camera. More information on how the scale and scale uncertainty can be calculated are present in the referenced paper.
Dato for tilgængelighed12 aug. 2020
ForlagMendeley Data