RAW DATA from the Open4Citizens project: Selected examples and qualitative materials

  • Janice S. Pedersen (Producent)
  • Louise Klitgaard Torntoft (Producent)
  • Peter Kun (Producent)
  • Ilaria Tosoni (Producent)
  • Petter Falk (Producent)
  • Marc Aguilar (Producent)
  • Sofia Jansson (Producent)
  • Anna Moro (Producent)
  • Pi Ammentorp (Producent)
  • Ingrid Kihlsten (Producent)



PDF'ed versions of the PowerPoint template used by all 5 Open4Citizens project pilots to gather evaluation material from the two project cycles during 2016-2018. In addition selected questionnaire results from evaluation activities during the project timeframe. The raw data is made available in the Zenodo repository. Please visit the provided link to browse through selections of research materials and evaluation data created as part of the project. All is anonymised and made openly available.
Dato for tilgængelighed2018
Dato for datafremstilling2016 - 2018