Spatial distribution of temporary development in Bristol and Liverpool, 2000-15 (1,261 cases)

  • Michael Martin (Ophavsperson)



Reviews addressing how temporary uses have been mobilised over time within specific conurbations or sets of conurbations have remained a rarity (bar extended research on Berlin). A number of studies have highlighted the limited use of spatial data to inform decision-making about contemporary urban issues. With temporary use increasingly visible as a regeneration technique in England, there is a need to study its related spatial properties, as with any other form of land-use. Maps, being graphic representations of various aspects of reality, are indispensable to the effort of understanding and visualising the existing as well as the future urban environment. The purpose of this dataset was to create a spatial account of temporary development in British cities. Two cities were selected for this analysis, Bristol and Liverpool.
Dato for tilgængelighed2016
ForlagEconomic & Social Research Council/University of Manchester
Tidsmæssig dækning2000 - 2015