Brain-Computer Interface and EEG Laboratory

    Facilitet: Laboratorie

    • Placering

      Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 (D3-105)

      9220 Aalborg Ø




    Research Focus

    The main research activities in the laboratoryare within brain-computer interfacing for neurorehabilitation of people withsevere motor impairments, stroke rehabilitation, EEG recordings for variousbasic science and clinical applications, neuromodulation of the human nervoussystem, and gamification.


    Specialized Equipment/Features/Functionalities

    EEG ECG andEMG recording systems, transcranial magnetic stimulation, electricalstimulation of peripheral nerves and muscles, electrical vagus nervestimulation, exoskeleton, eye tracker, laparoscopic surgery simulator. Faradaycage. Besides research, several teaching activities take place for thedifferent educations at the Department of Health Science and Technology.


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