Neurorehabilitation systems lab

    Facilitet: Laboratorie

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      Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 (D3-107)

      9220 Aalborg Ø




    Research Focus
    Our focus is on improving the effectiveness of robotic prostheses, exoskeletons, and functional electrical stimulation systems and on providing a better user experience when interacting with these devices. We develop closed-loop human machine interfaces including methods to estimate subject’s motion intention and provide tactile stimulation. For example, we explore novel approaches to allow intuitive and dexterous control and transmit artificial somatosensory feedback so that the users can seamlessly operate as well as “feel” their bionic limbs. We aim to translate insights from computational neuroscience and neurophysiology into effective rehabilitation technologies. We investigate assistive technologies that can be used for the training and improved mobility of elderly, diseased, and injured people.

    Specialized Equipment
    Upper and lower limb prosthetics, EMG amplifier, electrical stimulator, vibrotactile stimulator, haptic robot.
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