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      Fredrik Bajers Vej 3 B (2.305b)

      9220 Aalborg Ø




    Research Focus
    Working with biological class 3 and Genetically Modified Organisms class 2

    Specialized Equipment
    The person who wants to start a research project or other laboratory tasks in which work with active genetically modified organisms are involved must inform this to “Arbejdstilsynet” (the Danish Working Environment Authority) no later than 45 days prior to commencing the project.
    The permission from “Arbejdstilsynet” must be renewed after 5 years or if procedures are changed and these changes will have an influence on the risks.

    Biologic agents:
    When starting a research project an APV is made which is sent to “Arbejdstilsynet” at least 30 days prior to work commencing if the project is in another classification than announced earlier or the working procedures are changed considerably. You can see the former biological APV’s under Biomedicine/Safety/APV Biologisk.

    The Room is equipped with:
    2 LAF benches
    2 Centrifuges
    1 CO2 Incubator
    1 Incubated Shaker
    1 Microscope for cell imaging

    1 Autoclave  

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