2013-06. Policy recommendations: Corroborating 'Legitimation typology'

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Norman M. Fraser and Romeo V. Turcan met with EBRD chief economists (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) in London with the purpose to present the 'Typology of Legitimation' that Romeo V. Turcan developed in 2012, discuss it and receive feedback from EBRD chief economists.

During that meeting, the Typology was corroborated by the EBRD chief economists who, based on the 'Legitimation Typology', identified EBRD international development investment areas that were successful and failed, and respective reasons for those successful and failed outputs and outcomes.

Subsequently, the 'Legitimation typology' was employed as a foundation in a number of publications and in several project applications (successful and unsuccessful), e.g.,
--Danida project application "Creating New Actors and Partnerships: Case of Tanzania" that was accepted by the Danish Embassy in Tanzania but rejected by Danida
--Marie Curie EU funded project, 'Legitimation of Newness and Its Impact on EU Agenda for Change' (www.lnetn.aau.dk).
Impact dato4 jun. 2013
Impact kategoriPolitisk impact, Økonomisk impact, Social impact
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