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The results of PBLMD project support Moldova's efforts toward the EU membership!!! Here is an exerpt from the Questionnaire of the European Commission (p. 110 in the attached file):
"One of the major accomplishments of the higher education system in terms of introducing innovative teaching methods was the implementation of the project “Introducing Problem Based Learning in Moldova: Toward Enhancing Students’ Competitiveness and Employability” (PBLMD), funded with the European Union support under the Erasmus+ program.
The result of this project consisted in the re-design of 6 higher degree programs according to a new concept at the most requested specialties offered by the universities of the Republic of Moldova by introducing innovative teaching-learning methodologies based on problem solving, according to the PBL model – Problem Based Learning: “Software Engineering”, “Law”, “Business Administration”, “BA in Public Health” “Entrepreneurship and Business Administration”, “Public Administration”.
The new programs of university studies are implemented from September 1, 2017. The students benefit from modern methods of teaching-learning mainly in the foreign language (English), and, starting with the second year of studies, of academic mobility at the partner institutions in the EU."
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