5 ECTS PhD Course on Sustainability and Circular Economy in a Methodological Perspective

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DANIDA funded CREATE project organized a 5 ECTS PhD Course for the PhD scholars enrolled in the Bangladeshi public Universities. In total 20 students attended the course while 19 students have finally completed the course.
The course has provided a foundation on methodology, philosophy of science, and basic concepts of circular economy for the research into the area of sustainability. These PhD students enrolled in various public Universities in Bangladesh are expected to teach and research on sustainability area in particular the apparel industry in the time to come. Of the participants, there were some high officials from the Government agencies of Bangladesh, currently doing PhDs. This implies that the course would lay a foundation in the cognitive structure of those government officials dong PhDs, which is likely to make an impact on the policy development in the future. The course has been highly appreciated by the participants, as reflected in the post-study survey conducted by SurveyMonkey.
Impact kategoriSocial impact, Politisk impact