Beskrivelse af impact

This publication, "Bæredygtig Forandring i Sundhedssektoren" by Andersen, Sørensen Gunn, and Niero (2024), represents a pivotal advancement in the integration of sustainable methodologies within the healthcare sector. Featured in Medicoteknik, a prominent magazine under the Danish Medical Technology Society (DMTS), this work has potential to significantly influence both policy and practical approaches towards sustainability in healthcare environments across Denmark.
The article provides a comprehensive review and actionable insights on how to implement sustainable practices effectively in healthcare settings. The impact of this publication is multi-dimensional, affecting environmental, economic, and social aspects of healthcare services. It has guided healthcare administrators and policymakers in developing strategies that reduce carbon footprints, promote resource conservation, and enhance patient care sustainability.
Moreover, the publication has served as a cornerstone for academic discussions and further research into sustainable healthcare practices. The adoption of practices recommended in this article is anticipated to lead to significant long-term benefits, including reduced environmental impacts of healthcare facilities, improved patient outcomes, and a more sustainable approach to healthcare resource management.
In summary, "Bæredygtig Forandring i Sundhedssektoren" not only fosters a deeper understanding of sustainability in healthcare but also drives essential changes in the sector’s operations and policies, ensuring a healthier, more sustainable future.