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Forskningsgruppeleder: Johannes Jan Struijk 


Who we are?  

Members of the group are biomedical engineers with expertise in signal processing, mathematical modeling, biostatistics, electronics, machine learning, and electrophysiology.   


Our research – what we do?  

The CardioTech research group advances knowledge of the heart and the cardiovascular system and introduces new clinical solutions in cardiology, through technology-based and technology-directed research. Our main research areas are Electrocardiography, Vibro-acoustic cardiography, Echocardiography, wearable technologies and computational modeling, based on a uniquely equipped laboratory.  


How does our research contribute to societal health challenges?  

With cardiovascular disease still being a major cause of death, our efforts to introduce new methods for diagnostics, treatment and monitoring have a direct impact on the future development of cardiology. Through industrial collaboration and the establishment of start-up companies we have contributed to the introduction of novel technical solutions that are on the market today and we will continue to spin-out innovative ideas within cardio-technology. 


Who are our key collaborators? 

Our current research would not be possible without collaborations with various Cardiology Departments in Denmark and abroad. Moreover, our collaboration with industry has been an important drive for our research results.  


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