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Digitalization is a transformative force in society affecting how organisations operate as well as generate and deliver value.

In Centre for Information Systems Management (CIM), we study digitalization in organizations from a management perspective. Our research focus on the conditions under which private and public organizations increase their digitalization and generate value from IT. We are particularly interested in IT development, usage, management and leadership.

CIM partners with both private and public organisations. We disseminate our research through academic papers, research projects, popular scientific papers, workshops, graduate, post-graduate and executive education.

Our research group gives priority to research that link theories to practice for instance using Engaged Scholarship principles. We publish research in high ranked journals such as MIS Quarterly, Government Information Quarterly, British Journal of Management, Information, Communication & Society, Information System Journal.

The centre was founded in 2009 and are part of the Department of Politics and Society. Head of research is Professor Jeppe Agger Nielsen.


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