Center for Model-based Medical Decision Support (MMDS) has carried out epoch-making research within model-based medical decision support since 1998. The center is located in a dynamic environment at Aalborg University in Denmark and currently counts 14 employees and Ph.D.-students.

The goals of the center are as follows:

To develop methods for the construction, testing and clinical integration of model-based medical decision support systems.

To demonstrate the validity of the approach by successful clinical integration of diagnostic and therapeutic decisions and reduced cost of health care.

To promote industrial exploitation of MMDS.

The research group is among those that have pioneered the use of models in medical decision support systems, in particular complex stochastic models implemented as Causal Probabilistic Networks.

The group has worked on methods for probabilistic reasoning, including methods for decision theoretic reasoning in influence diagrams, and on problems of knowledge acquisition and representation.

Promising results have been obtained with model-based decision support systems in three different areas of medicine:

1.  Antibiotic therapy (TREAT)

2.  Optimal ventilation of critically ill patients (INVENT)

3.  Diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders (MUNIN).

The above-mentioned 3 systems are based on models, deterministic or stochastic, and all use decision theory to balance the multidimensional advantages and disadvantages of the diagnostic and therapeutic options.

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Publikationer 1978 2019

Chronic high-dose beetroot juice supplementation improves time trial performance of well-trained cyclists in normoxia and hypoxia

Rokkedal-Lausch, T., Franch, J., Poulsen, M. K., Thomsen, L. P., Weitzberg, E., Kamavuako, E. N., Karbing, D. S. & Larsen, R. G., 1 apr. 2019, I : Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry. 85, s. 44-52 9 s.

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review

Cross-Over Studies

Clinical- vs. model-based selection of patients suspected of sepsis for direct-from-blood rapid diagnostics in the emergency department: a retrospective study

Ward, L., Andreassen, S., Astrup, J. J., Rahmani, Z., Fantini, M. & Sambri, V., aug. 2019, I : European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. 38, 8, s. 1515-1522 8 s.

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Patient Selection
Hospital Emergency Service
Retrospective Studies

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UKACC International Conference on CONTROL

Ulrike Pielmeier (Oplægsholder)
7 sep. 2010

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International Federation of Automatic Control (Ekstern organisation)

Ulrike Pielmeier (Medlem)
1 sep. 20101 sep. 2011

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Grundkursus for universitetsundervisere

Ulrike Pielmeier (Deltager)
19 maj 201020 maj 2010

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