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CAEPS is a newly established interdisciplinary research centre at Copenhagen Institute of Technology / Aalborg University in Copenhagen.

The vision is to build a centre of frontier research into the fields of applied ethics and philosophy of science. Most fields of research and education encounter problems and questions of complex ethical and methodological character. The vision is to pool the knowledge of many specialists in order for this centre to become a major source of competence that may inform and strengthen research as well as education in these areas. Moreover, the centre is founded on a vision to contribute to the international community of researchers with a specific interest and competence in areas of applied ethics or philosophy of science. 

As indicated by the name, the centre puts special emphasis on studying ethical and broader methodological issues in their contexts.  However, in so doing the centre draws heavily upon the rich theoretical resources found within Moral Philosophy and Philosophy of Science.

Currently, members of the centre are, for instance, involved in research-projects studying 1) the ethical aspects of assisting young people with an autism diagnosis by means of Information- and Communication Technology (ICT), and 2) how certain basic categories from within Philosophy of Science may be applied in the description of scientific controversies such as the debate over the state of the climate.


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