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Create Integrated Architecture regards integrated design as a cornerstone in research, education and practice. The group is critical towards the division of technical and aesthetical mindsets in the building practice and researches to support the integration of all relevant aspects of building also in early design phases. The group works inter-disciplinary often with mixed methods.

Create Integrated Architecture addresses health and well-being, sustainability and tectonics in architecture. The group applies a human-centered approach to architecture with the aim of enhancing health and quality of life in built environments. The group researches human use and psychophysiological impacts of buildings - how people perceive and interact with architectural environments.

Create Integrated Architecture researches climate mitigation and adaptation of build environments - architecture that is ambitious in energy efficiency and in healthy indoor environments enriched by the changing forces of light and climate. Create Integrated Architecture researches to develop architecture as a passive means of comfortable indoor environments, sustainable human activity, fossil free building operation and circular materiality.

Create Integrated Architecture researches tectonics in architecture in a multi-scalar crossing of architecture and engineering, and through experiments and developments related to specific materials, craft-based, industrial- and digital technologies, and industrial and practice-related innovation projects. Create Integrated Architecture researches tectonics to develop the tactile, acoustic and visual qualities of architecture.


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