Located in two beautiful cities of Aalborg and Copenhagen in Denmark, the Group of Geodesy provides unique scientific research related to theoretical and applied geodesy. In our taught lectures, we cover various up-to-date topics related to the theory and practice of land surveying, satellite geodesy, advanced computations, and mapping. Our taught programs are innovative and interdisciplinary, and full of field works involving surveying sensors, e.g., GNSS, total station, laser scanner, leveling, inertial, and echo-sounder instruments. Our research-based learning follows the AAU's unique problem-based supporting our students maximizing their potential.

Our researchers address many urgent concerns facing the world today including the climate change, and address the demands to improve the efficiency of Earth System , Atmosphere, and Geophysical models for real-world applications. Our research covers both the aspects of fundamental theoretical and practical geodesy. See further on:


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