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The research group Human-Centered Computing focuses on design, development, and application of interactive information and communication technologies. The research group has a long tradition for empirical and solution-oriented research with a focus on processes, products, and theory. The process-oriented interest contributes to methodological knowledge of agile development, design, and innovation of interactive systems. The product-oriented interest contributes to knowledge on the specifics of interactive systems and applications in work and leisure and in organizations, teams, as well as other social arrangements. The theoretical knowledge interest is on innovation, design, and the application of interactive systems in practice. This focus is pursued in relation to the international research communities of information systems development and human-computer interaction.

The group has a strong element of empirical research involving people, whether it is the individual users and developers of software applications, groups of users and teams of developers, or the use and development in a larger social or organizational context. One part of the empirical research is experimental in the form of design, construction, and evaluation of particular interactive prototypes to explore and solve specific problems. Another part is directed at the professionalization of systems and software development. This takes place through close collaboration with companies in improving their working practice and encompassing agile processes and the integration of agile development, usability engineering, and interaction design. 

For more information see www.hcc.aau.dk


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