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Head of Department
Peter Axel Nielsen

The department's research is directed at computers, computing, software and computer systems. The research approach encompasses the formally logical, the experimentally constructive, and the empirically descriptive.

Programming and programming languages constitute vital links between computers and human activity and the study hereof is fundamental. Computer science is concerned with how to carry out an efficient and qualitybased software development with design and implementation of formalized languages and with development and application of software development tools. Computer science is also in a broader sense concerned with development and utilization of information technology.

Computer science is engaged in, on the one hand, exploitation and development of the technical possibilities, e.g., utilization of parallelism in computer networks, and, on the other hand, development and adaptation of concrete systems and technologies to specific applications.
Computer science is related to mathematics, engineering, and to humanistic and social science disciplines.

The department is divided into four research units: 

  • Distributed, Embedded and Intelligent Systems
  • Data Engineering, Science and Systems
  • Data, Knowledge and Web Engineering
  • Human-Centered Computing


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