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From its inception in 1984, the International Business Centre has been comitted to contribute to new knowledge creation and dissemination through Problem Based Learning teahcing, research and active public engagement.

It contributes to intenational education by hosting two MSc programmes: International Business Economics and Innovation Management. Teaching and learning in our study programmes are based on Problem Based Learing model that contributes substantially to the enhancement of students’ competitiveness and employability.

Our students come from more than 30 different countries creating a very unique environment where diverse cultures interact and where graduates learn from each other on academic as well as personal levels. During their studies, the students have the opportunity to present their high impact and applied research to our key stakeholders via the IBC monthly publication, Young Graduate News.

The International Business Centre is home to a team of inspirational academic and support staff that play an important role in its mission of excellence in Problem Based Learning teaching and learning, research, and public engagement.

Its academic staff has a comprehensive portfolio of geographical expertise in born global, small and medium, and multinational firms operating in emerging regions, including Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, China, and Africa.

The focus of the International Business Centre research is to develop a better understanding of how small and large, young and old firms can more succesfully create new value internationally for businesses and socieities and to enhance international entrepreneurs', global leaders' and policy makers' knowledge-based decisions.

Through its collaboration with private and public organizations and institutions, the International Business Centre academic staff co-creates new, innovative knowledge thus contributing inter alia to national and international business and economic policy agendas.

The International Business Centre is home to a high quality inter-sectorial, inter-technology, inter-disciplinary and international research platform for doctoral studies and the training of a new generation of innovative, entrepreneurial and creative doctoral researchers.

It leads as project coordinator and takes part as project partner in numerious large research and development projects funded by national and European funding bodies such as Danida, Tempus, Erasmus+, H2020.


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