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The PBL Research Unit at the Department of Culture and Learning includes leading researchers in topics pertaining to problem and project based learning (PBL). Through our long standing research and practice in this field, the PBL Research Unit provides national and international leadership on learning and PBL related topics both theoretically oriented and practice focused.

In the Department of Culture and Learning we are uniquely placed to build on current PBL related teaching and learning research, to identify trends and to support a strong research community.

The research unit is responsible for holding regular research meetings, hosting open seminars and supporting research production focusing on PBL.

The research foci of the PBL research unit include:

  • PBL practices at AAU across disciplines and educational settings, communities and cultures
  • Technology-intensive teaching and learning practices in PBL
  • Longitudinal studies on PBL Learning
  • New forms of PBL teaching, learning and assessment in an international perspective
  • Transformation in the workplace and PBL pedagogy
  • Transferring knowledge about PBL to other educational settings and places
  • PBL and the pursuit of learning innovation
  • New potentials, instruments, and forms of agency and collaboration through PBL
  • PBL and its potentials as a platform for transdisciplinary learning and research
  • Philosophy of PBL
  • Organisational perspectives on PBL. 

The PBL research unit is focused on the interaction between theory and practice and much of the research has been developed in close collaboration with practitioners and institutions, across different disciplines and shares the pursuit for high quality research on the nature of PBL.


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