Political sociology research Group

Established in 2016, Political Sociology Research Group is committed to provide research of highest quality within the fields of:

  • public opinion and attitude formation
  • elections and political behaviour
  • democracy and political power
  • citizenship and identity
  • the media and political communication
  • survey research and other methodological issues

and of any other aspect within the area of political sociology.

The research group has high methodological ambitions and conducts research using a wide range of methodological approaches; and with all kinds of methods and analytical tools and techniques.

Through the maintenance of the Danish part of the ISSP (International Social Survey Programme) and through membership and participation in international networks and conferences,  Political Sociology Research Group further strives to broaden the understanding of public opinion and political behaviour through the use of survey data in Denmark and internationally.

The research group is responsible for operations, maintenance, and further development of the online ‘surveybanken’, which also contributes to profile the research group as nationally leading in the field of surveys.

Finally, members of the research group are responsible for teaching classes at all university levels, and thereby works to give students a firm grounding in the essentials of political sociology, survey research, in other methodological aspects of scientific research, and in issues founded in the area of public opinion change and formation.



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