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Head of research group: Stephen Edward Rees

Who we are?

The Respiratory and Critical Care group are a research team investigating the application of technology in all matters related to respiration, respiratory medicine and critical care medicine.

Our research – what we do?

Our research involves hardware and software solutions to clinical problems. The team has a particular focus on the application of mathematical models, built into technological solutions, to solve specific clinical questions, support clinical decisions or improve physiological understanding. The team includes both engineers and doctors aiming to create a multi-disciplinary environment where the solution of clinical and physiological problems is at the fore.


How does our research contribute to societal health challenges?

Our research aims at improving care of patients with acute disease in the intensive care unit, chronic respiratory disease, or improving the understanding of the respiratory system in health and disease.


Who are our key collaborators?

We have numerous clinical partners in intensive care departments nationally and internationally. These include partners from university hospitals in Milan and Ferrara in Italy as well as several hospitals under Imperial College in London, UK.

In addition, much of our work is in collaboration with industry including several spin-off companies (see mermaidcare.com,  go.roche.com/vtac, Automatic Secretion Removal | TrachFlush).


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