Media Technology focus on research within technology, creativity and the combination of the two. Concretely, studies and combination of advanced technologies in areas such as computer vision and graphics, computer games, sensing and audio technology, interactive sound, animations, art and entertainment. At the same time it is investigated how these technologies influence human perception and interaction by applying them in solving real world problems.

At campus Copenhagen the research groups within Multi Sensory Experiences, Lighting Design, Service Systems Design and Transdisciplinary Research Creation and Knowledge is affiliated. In this way the section has a significant cross-over to the subject area architecture and user oriented design from the more "traditional" media technology research areas within sound, vision, graphics, haptics, VR/AR etc.


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  • Best Ergonomics in Design Article Award

    Hallewell, Madeline (Modtager), Patel, Harshada (Modtager), Salanitri, Davide (Modtager), Picinali, Lorenzo (Modtager), Cobb, Sue (Modtager), Velzen, Jeena (Modtager), D'Cruz, Mirabelle (Modtager), Simeone, Luca (Modtager) & Simeone, Mauro (Modtager), 2022

    Pris: Forsknings- uddannelses og innovationspriser

  • Winner (Best conference paper)

    Patras, Cristian (Modtager), Cibulskis, Mantas (Modtager) & Nilsson, Niels Christian (Modtager), 2022

    Pris: Konferencepriser

  • Best Paper Selection

    Nielsen, Stine Maria Louring (Modtager), 22 okt. 2021

    Pris: Konferencepriser