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Head of research group: Sine Agergaard


Who we are?

Sport and Social Issues is a team-oriented group of researchers that collaborate across a variety of backgrounds in anthropology, pedagogy, psychology, sociology and sport sciences.


Our research – what we do?

In line with the problem-based approach at Aalborg University, members of SSI identify and examine social issues that exclude groups and individuals from participating in sport and physical activity. Further, we collaborate with relevant stakeholders in transforming sport and physical activity to accommodate inclusion, diversity and lifelong participation.


How does our research contribute to societal health challenges?

Our research informs nation-wide sport policies and programs that are directed towards including inactive and marginalized groups into sports and leisure communities. To us, sport is not only a means to promote physical, mental and social well-being, but it is a field of diverse communities and practices that provide unique opportunities for experiencing mastery, creativity, joy, social recognition and belonging.


Who are our key collaborators?

Real-world settings are our laboratory, so group members work closely together with sports clubs, schools and NGOs such as AaB (Aalborg Football Club), DBU (Danish Football Association), DGI (Danish Gymnastics and Sports Association), DRC (Danish Refugee Council), Platformen for Gadeidræt (The Platform for Street Sports), Aalborg and Aarhus Municipality.

Hosting The International Network for Research in Sports and Migration Issues

The Sport Sciences research group hosts The International Network for Research in Sports and Migration Issues. The purpose of the network is to support research on Sport and Migration in its broadest cultural, social, economic and political dimensions. 



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