Our Vision

Theory Building Research Programme - TBRP - is recognized as a global leader in pursuit of newness and theory building through inter-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, inter-technology and international, impact focused, relevant doctoral training and research.

Who we are

TBRP is an inter-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, inter-technology and international collaborative research network with critical mass, the highest academic standards, peer review, evaluation and monitoring, international teams training and supervising doctoral candidates and integral engagement of non-academic partners that fosters innovative, multi-disciplinary, relevant and creative research exposed to and integrated with industry and public and not-for-profit sectors.

Through harnessing the research strengths, facilities and senior academic personnel of TBRP members, TBRP, as in integral part of the Aalborg Univesity Business School, provides an unrivalled resource for the training of the doctoral candidates. TBRP is led by Prof Romeo V. Turcan who founded it in 2012.

What we do

Newness, uncertainty and theory building are the foundation pillars of TBRP. In our society of rapid change, seeking to cope with complex, large scale new challenges to economic, social and political development, there is an urgent need for a new perspective in high level research and doctoral training to address how best to interpret and respond to escalating new local, regional, international and global challenges. The volume of data and sources of information for evidence based research is daunting, reinforcing the need for effective new ways to improve understanding and interpretation, build new theories, and understand theory building process.

Interdisciplinary Doctoral training

Since its inception, TBRP Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training continues to have successful impact in translating theoretical level research into employability in private and public sectors, including outside academia of doctoral students. It offers a number of high guality, interdisciplinary doctoral and supervisor training programmes as well as developed 'in-house'  strategies for theorizing and theory building.

Its flagship PhD course in Theory Building gathers together PhD students with diverse, multidisciplinary research interests in e.g., nursing; sport management; agriculture; pre-school teaching; emotions and learning; business ethics; entrepreneurship; innovation; construction; medical equipment; collective memory and cultural heritage; sociology and health; project management; institutional change.


Underpinning the quality of the interdisciplinary doctoral training are the high level inter-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, inter-technology and international research projects that are innovative in their multi-dimensional focus on the dynamic, emerging and complex social, economic technological and policy challenges of rapid change, mass data and contested evidence bases. These theory building projects are:

     Legitimation Theory

     Collective Behaviour, Bubbles & Runaway Sentiments

     Late Globalization, Re-globalization, Exo-globalization

     Hgh Impact Entrepreneurship


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