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Christian R. Østergaard is Professor of Innovation and Regional Industrial Dynamics at Aalborg University Business School, Denmark. He holds a M.Sc. (2001) in Industrial Economics and Ph.D. (2005) in Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics from Aalborg University.

He is head of the IKE (Innovation, Knowledge and Economic dynamics) research group (see ike.aau.dk)

He is member of DRUID Executive Committee as the head of DRUID Academy. (see druid.dk)

His current research activities focus on topics related to innovation and regional industrial dynamics, such as the link between workplace diversity and innovation; university-industry interaction; interfirm collaboration on innovation; innovation in logistics; the evolution and resilience of industries and regional industrial clusters; green innovations, sustainability transition, and knowledge and skills related to CCUS.

His research has been published in international peer-reviewed journals, such as Research Policy, Regional Studies, Technovation, Journal of Technology Transfer, Industry and Innovation, Industrial and Corporate Change, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics; Journal of Technology and Engineering Management; European Urban and Regional Studies. He has also published several book chapters in edited volumes.

He has participated in several externally funded European and Danish research projects, such as: 2022-2023: CO2 Vision "Analysing the supply and demand of CCUS related competences and labour" funded by Erhvervshus Nordjylland. 2017-2021: DIRECTLY "Data based REal-time CollaboraTive Logistics sYstem" project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark under the Grand Solutions instrument. 2017-2021. GONST "Where Does The Green Economy Grow? The Geography Of Nordic Sustainability Transitions " project funded by Nordic Cooperation. 2017-2022 ReDy (Center for forskning i regional dynamik og ulighed)  funded by the Obel Foundation. 2016-2021: RUNIN "The Role of Universities in Innovation and Regional Development" a MSCA Innovative Training Network, EU H2020 project. 2014-2015: Suppliers in Denmark, financed by The Danish Industry Foundation. 2010-2012: Global Operations Networks, financed by The Danish Council for Strategic Research. 2009-2012: AEGIS “Advancing Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Economic Growth and Social well-being in Europe",EU 7th Framework Programme. 2007-2009: FEAT 2015 a project on: The development perspectives for the Danish agriculture and food sector in a regional innovation system perspective financed by The Directorate for Food, Fisheries and Agri Business. 2007: Innovation and Diversity, financed by Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation. 2002-2004: EU 4th framework TSER project "TENIA" on The Emergence of New Industrial Activities. 2002-2004: KNORI (Knowledge intensive organizations and intrapreneurship). 2001-2004:Aalborg University's participatory research group on the Digital North Denmark policyprogram. 2001: EU 4th framework TSER project “KNOW for Innovation".

He has been an expert reviewer for the National Science Foundation (NSF) US (2009), the Research Council of Norway (2011;2013;2016;2020), the European Commission (2014), The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) (2014;2022), and the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT)(2015), Luxembourg National Research Fund (2017), Italian Ministry for University and Research (2021), and the Swiss National Science Foundation (2023).

He is reviewer for journals, such as: Research Policy, Technovation, Industry and Innovation, Regional Studies, European Urban and Regional Studies, European Planning Studies, Industrial and Corporate Change, Economic Geography, Journal of Economic Geography, Technovation, Journal of Management Studies

He is a former member of the PhD. council at Doctoral School of Social Sciences (elected) (2011-15 and 2017-2020); former head of the PhD. program at the Department of Business and Management (2011-15 and 2017-2020) and former member of the Academic Council at Faculty of Social Sciences (elected) (2008-2016 and 2022-2022) as well as former member of the Department Council for Department of Business and Management (elected) (2012-2016).



  • Nationaløkonomi
  • Innovationsøkonomi
  • International økonomi
  • regional industriel dynamik
  • Erhvervsøkonomi og Handel
  • innovation
  • industriel dynamik
  • Ledelse og Organisation
  • Innovation Management
  • Mangfoldighed
  • diversitet
  • Innovation


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