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As an anthropologist (MA) working in cross-disciplinary settings, my primary work area since 2009 has been the governance and societal adaptation to change in the Arctic and in Greenland in particular. My research has had a special focus on i) the politics of sustainability ii) small-scale businesses and peripheral communities iii) stakeholder power and participation in fishery governance and iv) bridging the gaps between scientific and local ecological knowledge v) climate change adaptation. The Arctic and the marine space are increasingly framed as 'economic frontier regions' with both portenatials and risks for sustainability. I'm currently working on the project ECOTIP and ImaginePoCO, and looking for opportunities to develop further research projects aiming for institutional capacity building and sustainable Arctic livelihoods in the context of Blue growth and increased industrial accesibility to the Arctic region. 

Administrativ profil

Platform coordinatior at AAU Arctic (ww.arctic.aau.dk)

Semester coordinator at BA Geography 5th semester, Msc Geography 1st semester and BA Techno anthropology 2nd and 3rd semester.

Teaching coordinator at CBG and member of planning groups at Geography and Techno-anthropology

Member of the CBG daily board.

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Ethnography and Social Anthropology, Bachelor and Master, Aarhus University


Dimissionsdato: 20 aug. 2019

PhD in Planning

1 sep. 200918 jan. 2014

Dimissionsdato: 18 jan. 2014


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