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Microbial communities underpin all processes in the environment and have a direct impact on all aspects of our ecosystem and health. This is also reflected in the fact that microbes will be instrumental to reach all 17 sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations. Despite their importance, only a tiny fraction of the millions of different microbes is known.

My research group focus on enabling high-throughput investigation of uncultivated microbes in complex environments using DNA sequencing by developing new methods that increase throughput at least 10-fold. Our mission is to populate the tree-of-life with genomes for the benefit of humanity.


Course responsible for Data Science a 5 ECTS semester course for 4th and 6th-semester students on Biotechnology, Biology and Chemistry. 

Teaching on 7th-semester Biotechnology courses Bioinformatics and Genomics and Environmental Microbiology. Furthermore teaching semester groups 15 ETCS on 7th-semester Biotechnology under the theme of molecular methods.


  • Kemi og Biovidenskab
  • Datalogi
  • Folkesundhedsvidenskab

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