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I am head of the new research group RECAST (Research in sociocultural aspects of sustainability and green transitions). This interdisciplinary group provides new knowledge and understandings of sociocultural aspects of sustainability and green transitions. The current sustainability crises are co-constituted through human and social activities and therefore need to be explored through humanities and social science perspectives.

My interdisciplinary profile spans from studies in Danish grammar to studies of governmentality and mobilities studies. Theoretically and methodologically my research is grounded in discourse studies, particularly ethnomethodologically inspired discourse studies. It has developed around the question of how environmentally harmful car-dependent mobility (automobility) can be understood as a problem of governing in an era of climate crisis, and to enquire into this topic, I have combined studies of governmentality and ethnomethodologically inspired discourse analysis. Currently, I am PI in a research project that contributes to change towards more environmentally sustainable mobility as it studies a fundamental aspect of public transport practices during crisis, namely the governing of appropriate ‘travelling together’, particularly in relation to the risk of transmission.


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