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Charlotte has experience in teaching, consulting, managing, and researching how learning and innovation emerges in educational and workplace settings. She works in transdisciplinary projects collaborating with practitioners and researchers in elderly care and vocational education. Her expertise pertains to social innovation, learning and collaboration across various professional and organizational boundaries. Innovation and learning are also key in her dedication to academic writing. Inspired by her professional background in music science and Nordic literature, Charlotte’s teaches and practices academic writing as a genuinely analytic-creative endeavor.  

Charlotte is co-founder and research manager of FoCUS – Research Center for Learning and Education in Elderly Care https://sosuforskning.dk/ She serves as a writing mentor and think tank leader at PROFRES 2.0 Research School funded by the Research Counsil of Norway. Charlotte is also associated with the research group ALOVE at Nord University, a transdisciplinary center for research in care, welfare and innovation.

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Research Management, Copenhagen Business School

1 mar. 201723 jun. 2017

Dimissionsdato: 23 jun. 2017


Dimissionsdato: 1 feb. 2016


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