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Louisa Yong (PhD - University of Salford): A Web-Based Audio Synthesis Resource: A Case Study in Manchester and Salford, 1997–2001


Ian Dobie (PhD - University of Salford): The Impact of New Technologies and the Internet on the Music Industry, 1997–2001


Angela Tinwell (PhD - University of Bolton): Traversing the valley? User response to the uncanny for aspects of facial animation and speech for a virtual character, 2009-2012


Rob Campbell (PhD - University of Bolton): Investigating the combined use of relational agents and attitude change in user acceptance, 2010-2012


Mat Dalgleish (PhD - University of Wolverhampton): Continually unfamiliar: Bringing expressiveness and surprise to musical performance with generative musical artefacts, 2008-2012


Tom Garner (PhD - Aalborg University): Game Sound from Behind the Sofa: An Exploration into the Fear Potential of Sound & Psychophysiological Approaches to Audio-centric, Adaptive Gameplay, 2010-2013


Kristian S. Ross Kristensen (PhD - Aalborg University): Musical Wormhole: Between the Infinity of the Universe and the Limitations of Computer Game Media, 2015-2017


Hans-Peter Gasselseder (PhD - Aalborg University): Re-dramatising the Game Orchestra: Dynamic Music between Minds and Worlds in Video Games, 2014–


Costantino Oliva. (PhD - University of Malta): Digital Games Soundscapes, 2014–2019

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Computer Game Sound, PhD, The Acoustic Ecology of the First-Person Shooter, University of Waikato

… → 2007

Music Technology, MSc, University of York

… → 1990

Music, BMus(Hons), University of Natal

… → 1988


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